A Night with Nikon D90

A Night with Nikon D90

Well i had a chance tonight to try a brand new Nikon D90. I really wanted to try out the video function. I can say the Nikon D90 feels pretty good to handle. Its a great size. Live view mode is really easy to get into and recording video is a snap. There is a few things i have noticed so far. Shooting in higher ISO makes the video jumpy. Its not a smooth as if i was shooting in lower ISO ie. 100 or 200. Noise it a bit of issue. Its not terrible but its not great. Seems like any changes you make to shutter or aperture don’t seem to make a difference. But again i’ve only had about max 2hrs with the camera. Maybe i am just missing something in the settings. I’ll have more time over the next few days to play with it more. Also, I really wish i had a chance to try it during the day. Maybe this weekend.

But for now enjoy my short video clip.

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